Our Purpose

Our Mission

“Know Christ, Live Christ, & Share Christ”
1. By celebrating HIS presence (Praise & Worship)
2. By demonstrating GODS love (Fellowship)
3. By communicating HIS Word (Evangelism)
4. By educating HIS people (Discipleship)

Our Vision

UNITE CHURCH is a Word based, Spirit filled, Christ-centered Ministry in Washington County, Pennsylvania that:

1. We encourage Christian growth and balance in the Word of God
2. Everything we do shall be dedicated to turning as many people toward God’s Son and uniting them in Christ Jesus.
3. Proclaiming that the Bible is the foundation for all of life and its truth is infallible
4. We shall teach on a Holy Spirit filled life, directed by His Word, with its principles of being at peace with God, success in marriage and business, and maintaining a right relationship with other people.
5. We recognize that man is a triune being, spirit, soul, and body. Our goal is to minister in these three areas in order to equip and train the body of Christ. We will concentrate on spiritual training because out of the heart flows all the issues of life.
6. Our aim is to bring the redemptive power of Jesus Christ to people and teach them to live life based upon His Word and trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit.
7. Unite Church is not in competition with other churches and ministries that are dedicated to the same cause. Wherever and whenever we can help in making other churches or ministries more effective to spread the Gospel, we will attempt to do so.